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Variety is important to all of our customers. Our production team visits and buys from the finest plant breeders world-wide and trials new and improved genetics all the time; when we find a variety that our customers are successful with, we stay with it. Should an improvement be introduced, we will trial it in our own trial-garden to ensure the same, high-level of performance remains.

For many, Armstrong Growers is their single-source for all of their color needs. With a wide selection of programs and varieties, we save you time and money by working with one sales representative, one order, meeting one order-minimum and accepting one delivery and paying one invoice!

Below are presentations and ideas for our key programs that you can review and discuss with your Sales Representative. Knowing the programs and some information about a type or series in advance can help you plan your associate training, marketing and promotions. Be sure to check back often as more programs are uploaded as they come to fruition throughout the season.

Our Programs

a close up of a flower with Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in the background

1 Gallon Program

a close up of a bunch of purple flowers

Dahlia Program

a close up of a flower

Geranium Program

a purple flower on a plant

Lavender Program

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Pollinator Perennials

a purple flower on a plant

Salvia Program

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