Our unique position in the industry has afforded us some very special relationships. Our partnerships with the international leaders in plant breeding allow us to remain an industry leader in growing that ensures that we are offering the newest and most improved genetics on the market. These partners work closely with our production and growing teams in their own product development to trial new plants and to test various conditions. They invite our teams to exclusive trial gardens throughout the United States and Europe as well as offer us plant exclusives, early introductions, market research, focus group studies, access to university professors and industry experts for seminars - all incentives and programs that will help you remain competitive and sell, as well as offer sound advice on how to make everything we offer perform for you.

Since its founding, Ball has introduced many innovative, award-winning varieties to the world of horticulture, including the Wave® Petunia Family, Dazzler® and Super Elfin® Impatiens, and Dragon Wing® Begonias. For over 100 years, Ball has focused exclusively on the ornamental business that first made its reputation, Ball's global family of breeders, seed and vegetative producers, distribution companies, and research and development teams has a strong presence in over 20 countries on six continents.

Benary carries a full line of innovative vegetative varieties that ship directly from our farm in Kenya to our customer's door in North America. In addition to a wide selection of vegetative varieties, Benary+ is also a distributor of Benary seed products such as the famous BIG® Begonias; SUCCESS!® Petunias; Graffiti® Pentas; Nonstop® Begonias and Lollipop.

Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making, providing the largest selection of superior flowers and plants on earth.

Sakata has since been actively involved in the development of new and improved plant varieties around the world. Sakata's flower and vegetable activities have earned it a reputation for quality in over 130 countries.

Suntory takes pride in the fact that they have varieties, which have excellent garden performance and outstanding longevity. Suntory's corporate philosophy places value in the outstanding characteristics of Suntory varieties, while at the same time continuing to improve the Suntory species with important traits such as earliness and compactness, without sacrificing excellent garden performance and longevity.

Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden. In addition to legendary genetics, they support industry professionals with world-class customer service, in-depth cultural information, flexible and exciting marketing programs, and a deep understanding of plants from many points of view.