Genetic Engineering Statement

Armstrong Growers is proud to work with plant breeders from all over the world to find new and improved genetics to help gardeners and professional landscapers bring lasting beauty to the environment we strive to improve.

The companies we partner with practice traditional plant breeding methods to improve and create new varieties. These methods include natural selection from cross pollination under the direction of a patient, dedicated plant breeder. From small back yard plant nerds to college-trained professionals, the process is the same. They meticulously document the characteristics of thousands of seedlings to find the one that fits the specific color, scent, taste, size or performance improvement the breeder is looking for. This process of "select breeding" can take years to perfect one flower.

When the breeder finally finds that right fit, we as growers, replicate it by taking small pieces of the particular plant (known as the mother plant) that exhibits the specifications they wanted. We place these "small pieces" in a greenhouse to produce roots and grow it on to a size that can survive in a garden or resort to be enjoyed by all. In a simpler example, the process is very similar to what hobbyist do in their own homes when they take a leaf from a plant, set it in water to root, then replant it in soil - thus, a plant grows on.

Weather it is a chance find in nature or many years of study, new varieties take a great deal of time and effort. We support and appreciate the age-old craft of plant breeding. Our plant partners efforts, along with our own plant testing in the areas we serve, give Armstrong Growers an ever improving, high-performance plant offering.

The overall practice of bioengineering through the use genes or DNA infusion is not widely used in the flower business. This practice is not used by any supplier Armstrong Growers does business with and to the best of our knowledge, 100% of the flowering plants or vegetables we sell, are not Genetically Engineered or carry any Genetically Engineered Organisms. (GMO)